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W2-desktop UI developed a library of W2UI by adding some features and change the overall look. W2-desktop you can download it for free because it uses the MIT license.
W2-desktop can support the development of your application for faster and more sophisticated, There are some important features such as Layout, Grid, Tree, MessageBox, Form, Toolbar, Tabs, and so forth.

The following are the features found on W2-desktop:

  • Fields
  • Form
  • Grid
  • Layout
  • ListView (development)
  • Load Mask
  • MessageBox
  • Popup
  • Tabs
  • Toolbar
  • Tree
  • Utils

Site : http://w2desktop.didanurwanda.com

Demo : http://w2desktop.didanurwanda.com/demos


Dida Nurwanda

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